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We where made aware of 2 kittens,  about 5 weeks old that was in a veld nearby the N12. They where spotted by joggers. It was obvious that they have been dumped there to fend for themselfs, the sad thing are they where used to humans so they have grown up in a home with humans. They must have been living in the veld a few days, Bella’s sister was catched and immediatly got a new home, but Bella was scared and did not trust us at that stage, agter 2 weeks of visiting her daily she was caught. Bella is now safe!

She is in desperate need of help, we suspect that she has pneumonia, and we need to get her to the vet asap. Please help us with her vet account.

Bank name: ABSA
Account number: 4056446444
Branch code: 632005
Branch name: All branches
Reference: 3769
Please do not use any other reference and do not add anything to the front or end of reference. No reference, no allocation. 
Send proof of payment to 083 937 6400

Without your Help we can not go on!