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We strive to make a significant, lifesaving impact!

Without fostering, there can be no rescue.

Christiana Pets is situated in the small town, Christiana in the North West Province. Started in 2010 by Jolanda Janse van Rensburg and has since saved hundreds of lives! Our goal is to provide hope and help to pets in need. We want to provide new beginnings to animals who stood no chance. We use all our finances, resources, space and time on animals who would have died if we didn’t come to their rescue. This is our passion!

We take in the misunderstood animals, the old animals who only knew of suffering, the less attractive animals, the mixed breeds, the less adoptable ones. We take on the difficult cases… It is easy to re-home happy pedigree animals and call yourself a rescue organization, but it is not that easy to actually do real rescue work; to step up and be the voice of the voice-less; to go where no one wants to go, get your hands dirty and to save those who are often overlooked. We also work with the community to improve the lives of the disadvantaged cats and dogs by giving them food and warm shelters, help when animals are needing emergency vet care. We help to spay and neuter the less privileged pets – after all that’s where the problem of neglect and abuse begins… only 1 in 10 pups gets a wonderful home.

We aim to give all rescues a second chance to find a happy, loving home for his/her lifetime. We practice a right to a quality life policy and will only re-home healthy and sterilized pets. We rely entirely on donations for our work.